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Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4, Svenska

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Reprise your role as cruise director and enjoy a truly sensational cruise of a lifetime aboard the fleet’s super luxurious flagship, USS Liberty of the Waves. Arrange fabulous excursions in the Caribbean, Europe, Mid East and Asia. Visit famous tourist sights and landmarks in cities such as London, Venice and Monte Carlo. Help passengers with lodging, shopping, dining and leisure both on the ship and at ports of call. Find hundreds of hidden objects, play creative mini-games and enjoy a truly captivating adventure with hours of fun for all ages! Dec 28, 2017
  • Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4
  • Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4
  • Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4
Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4
Be the cruise director in charge
Gorgeous graphics and locations
Interactive cruise map
Earn merit badges for your achievements
Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 3
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